Best Types of Counter Tops for a Kitchen

By | September 4, 2013

As you are looking for the ways to design your kitchen, you will also need to consider your counter tops since a kitchen counter top can actually be the focal point of the room. Choosing counter tops for your new kitchen is rather a thrilling task. There are different kinds and designs of counter tops to choose from that include stainless steel, concrete, wood, stone, laminate along with other kinds of solid surfacing. Choosing the best kind of counter top of your kitchen can actually have a dynamic impact on the appearance of your room. Therefore, it is important to make a knowledgeable decision. 

Granite kitchen Counter top

granite countertops for kitchenGranite is one of the toughest natural materials that you can have. Granite is becoming more popular due to its durability. It is also resistant to scratching. Apart from that, it is also resistant to high heat.

You can actually place a hot cooking pots or flying pans on top of a granite counter top with no harm. Its natural porosity makes it prone to permanent staining in case acidic or oily substances spill on it. Granite counter tops are available in the market in different colors and designs like jet black, verdant green and ruby red. Moreover, every granite portion will have its own unique color pattern, with speckles, stripes, pattern that you will enjoy having for a long period.

Quartz Kitchen Counter top

kitchen quartz topQuartz is another kind of a natural material made of stone that you can use for your kitchen counter top. Since quartz is a crystalline material, it increases a sparkling depth and beauty to your kitchen. Natural quartz is a very dense hard material that normally withstands very high temperatures and pressures without being damaged. It is also very smooth and due to its internal composition, quartz is as durable as granite and marble.

There are also engineered quartzs that are a bit cheaper. They are available in different colors. They are normally made by ground quartz elements being added to colored resin that is baked, pressed and then polished. They are usually very hard with a shiny color.

Concrete Kitchen Counter top

concrete countertop kitchenYou can also make your kitchen look attractive by installing concrete as a top. Most producers create polished concrete counter tops that are very attractive as well as quite cheap. One of the best things with concrete is that you can actually create your own counter top. By using different types of aggregate, color pigments, and chemical stains you can actually make a very beautiful counter top in your kitchen. By offering your concrete counter top a layer of epoxy, you can actually provide it with an attractive and smooth finish that will actually protect it. A kitchen counter top that is build of concrete has a warm and natural patina that makes it very beautiful.

For those who would like a more attractive kitchen, they can actually go for stainless steel. However, they are very expensive but they provide your kitchen with an exclusive look. They are also easy to clean, quite durable and very resistant to heat.

With all these choices available to you, you can be certain that the best types of kitchen counter tops are available and affordable in the market. Just weigh your budget and find out the kind of material that suits your pocket and you desire.

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