Lighten up Your Basement with Inviting Colors

By | August 22, 2013

warm inviting basementYou can easily transform the dull and dingy atmosphere to something more inviting by adding color your basement. The good thing about it is that homeowners don’t have to spend a large amount of money in painting the concrete basement walls. Even though there won’t be any actual increase of the space in the basement you will be surprised to see how large it looks after the painting.

One of the best ways to ensure that you have unique results is to come up with a theme and utilize several colors instead of sticking to a single basic color.  The first thing you need to consider is what plans you have and consult with your basement contractor, what will it be used for? In case you want it to be a play area for the kids then you should consider painting checkerboards or anything related to sports. It can also be a sports room for the guys, in that case you can integrate some of your favorite teams. The trick is to stick to the themes that you like.  The planning and actual painting of the basement wall will both take some time and a lot of preparation. In case you have any issues such as mold infestation in the basement then it needs to be taken care of before the painting. This issue is usually caused by moisture absorption.

If you ignore the problem it might cause the new paint to crack or peel. Make it a point to prepare adequately instead of rushing.  There are some few basic steps that need to be taken before you paint the wall. You should first ensure that the wall is clean and completely clear of any debris that might interfere with the work. Most of the experts will recommend that you first start with a technique known as acid etching before you paint the walls of your basement. However, in case you are painting walls that had been painted previously then you don’t have to perform acid etching. It can only be done on peeling and bare spots of the old paint.  In case you decide to start with acid etching ensure that you prepare the solution accordingly. You should follow all the instructions that are on the product precisely. You should also wear gloves and other protective gear because the acid might be caustic. If you want the paint to stick completely then you will have to ensure that all the powder has been removed. When you follow the directions on the etching chemicals you will notice that your canvas will either be texture of number one or number two sandpaper.

The painting should only begin after the concrete has been neutralized and dried chemically. It is important that you have good ventilation in the basement as the painting continues because the paint fumes might affect you. Therefore open all the windows and doors as this will boost the ventilation of the place. You should also consider hooking up a fan in the basement as this can also help in matters of ventilation.

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